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Good afternoon everyone, trust God we are keeping safe at the moment?    I want to encourage us all to keep a positive attitude at this period. This is an unprecedented global crisis that affected the cash flow of all businesses adversely.  Some are currently in isolation centers across the globe battling the effect of COVID-19 on their health, some even lost their loved ones. Our prayers to our merciful God is to bring wisdom to doctors.

Give understanding to scientists.

Endow caregivers with compassion and generosity.

Bring healing to those who are ill.

Protect those who are most at risk.

Give comfort to those who have lost a loved one.

Welcome those who have died into Your Eternal Home.

Stabilize our communities.

Unite us in our compassion.

Remove all fear from our hearts.

Fill us with confidence in Your care.

We ask you to restore hope and grant us direction, in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen 

Concerning the release of a list of collections of 2020 annual dues. The intention is to use use the lockdown periods to update members about the individual status on 2020  National Annual Dues. Members are required to engage the financial team, comprising the financial secretary, his assistant, the auditor and treasurer,  on any area of observations.  

Regarding the money paid during election periods and for 2019 annual dues, we are yet to get financial reports for that period. We are currently engaging the immediate past exco and we will share the reports with members through NEC and state Chairmen as soon as we get it. The hard book register handed over won't be sufficient for financial reports.

Let me seize this opportunity to address the pertinent issue at hand at the moment.   The National Executive Council of NAPPS shares the anxiety of members at this period as these are very unusual and unprecedented times.

 We are also sensitive to the impact of this pandemic on members.

 But, we need to be aware of the risks and dangers posed by the deadly COVID - 19 to students, staff, members and the community as the daily figures released by the NCDC show that the curve is yet to be flattened just as the figures keep rising daily and as such, it will be risky to agitate for the reopening of schools this moment but rest assured that NEC is in constant touch with the Presidential task force on COVID 19 as well as Federal Ministry of Education to arrive at a safe date for the reopening of schools and as soon we have any information, you can trust us to keep members updated.

  Please find below the NAPPS proposed guidelines in preparation for the resumption of schools;

   The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools has developed a proposed guideline, identifying potentially applicable standards and general precautions. This guideline is aimed at assisting NAPPS members to take precautionary measures to prevent the contamination of schools when schools fully resume. Kindly note that this guideline is not exhaustive:

1.     Fumigation of the entire school area

2.     Cleaning of all surfaces, work tools, general areas (Reception, Classrooms, Car parks, Toilets, etc

3.     Establishment of Handwash/ disinfecting areas for visitors, parents, school suppliers, etc

4.     Provision of Personal Protective  Equipment ( Face mask, gloves, etc)

5.     General School Hygiene Policy

6.     There should be a signpost reminding people to wash hands, practice social/physical distancing & wear a face mask

7.     Physical distancing must be maintained on our school buses.

  The COVID -19 has brought nothing but disruption and discomfort-into our daily lives. But the inconvenience we may be experiencing right now is nothing to be compared to the disastrous repercussions we will be battling with if we allow COVID- 19 to gain an upper hand in our states. So let's do everything possible to defeat COVID -19.

In conclusion, we share the concern of school owners due to continued delay in the resumption of schools as a result of this deadly virus but we promise you that we shall not relent in our efforts to make sure that we continue to engage relevant authorities and regulators over policy shifts and strategic plan to make schools resume fully as soon as it is safe.                                 

Detail update on COVID ‐ 19 situation reports will be made available to members.  

For further conversations join me on Instagram today May 4, 2020, as posted on the flyer above. 

Thank you and God bless

Chief ‘Yomi Otubela Fcma

National President NAPPS.

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