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Following the closure of schools since March 2020 in Kano state. An expanded Kano State  Stakeholders virtual meeting was held where we resolved 

 to write a letter to the Kano State Government requesting/ soliciting for the following; 

1. In the event that schools are reopened, and as the state Government embarks upon the fumigation of its public schools, we requested the same exercise be extended to our Private Schools. This is in view of the fact that almost all Proprietors of Private Schools are financially bankrupt due to COVID 19. 

2. When Public schools are to be provided with;  Infrared thermometer temperature equipment, handwashing machines, face masks, etc, we solicit for the same gesture to Private Schools. 

3. We requested two years tax waiver for all Private Schools, this is due to the fact that bank loans, rentages etc have made Private Schools financially insolvent. 

This letter was submitted to the Government on the 6/6/20 and is currently receiving positive attention. 

In fact, they called me this morning to say, they will accede to some of the requests. 

In attendance amongst others in the meeting were

a. Dr. Mijinyawa our BOT Chairman

b. Haj. Maryam our National Deputy President

c. Rev. Igbinijesu our National PRO

d. All local Government Chairmen within Kano metropolis

e. All former Presidents of Napps Kano state.

 We are now awaiting further directives and necessary action from the State Government in regard to Schools reopening in the State and Protocols to be adopted and followed. 

      Thanks and best regards. 

     Alh. M. M. ADAMU, State Chairman.

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