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It is with great pleasure and every sense of humility that I warmly congratulate distinguished colleagues of our great association throughout the states of the federation as we celebrate yet another NAPPS day in the annals of our beloved association.

I applaud members of BOT, NEC, CWC, leaders at various levels of the association, and esteemed NAPPS members throughout the states of the federation for their staunch commitment, and passion as we collectively work towards the realization of the goals and objectives of the association. 

It is worth noting that despite the current economic downturn imposed by unfavorable economic policies of the government which have resulted in high inflation and increased cost of doing business, we have remained resolute in our unwavering contributions to building a strong and virile association. We thank the Almighty God for the grace to serve our association faithfully.

Our main theme for the 2023 NAPPS day  

" Sustainability For Tomorrow's Generation: NAPPS Unites For Climate Action " underscores the need for concerted efforts to address the issue of climate change, its threats, and sustainable approach to combating its impact.

You would agree with me that climate change, apart from its impact on the environment, is also disrupting national economies and affecting lives thereby costing people, communities, and countries dearly.

Unfortunately, people have started to experience significant impacts of climate change in the country with its attendant effects such as changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, increased droughts, and more extreme weather events. The greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are driving climate and continue to rise.

It is significant to note that the poorest and the most vulnerable people like children are affected most.

Therefore, as the world grapples with multiple environmental challenges, it is becoming crucial for students to learn the principles of green entrepreneurship. Green entrepreneurship aims to create and implement solutions to environmental problems and promote social change so that the environment is not harmed.

As part of the association's efforts to bring the needed awareness to this phenomenon, we feel it is high time we created sensitisation and awareness activities around it through a clarion call to action for all private school owners, teachers, students, parents, government officials, and community members to unite in addressing this challenge to mitigate its impact as our commitment to sustainable practices will pave the way for a brighter future for our children and our planet.

We must embrace and adopt the knowledge and tools to become green educational hubs. By reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, and integrating eco-friendly practices into our curriculum, we can set an example for our students and parents, fostering a culture of sustainability.

NAPPS members are expected to begin to engage and create awareness in their schools through but not limited to the following; 

1.  Community Clean-up Initiatives:  Organize clean-up drives in local communities, involving students, teachers, and parents to raise awareness of environmental issues.

2.  Green Workshops: Conduct workshops on sustainable practices within schools, such as recycling, composting, and energy conservation.

3.  Tree Planting Campaign: Initiate a tree planting drive involving students and community members to improve local greenery.

4.  Educational Seminars Invite professional: experts to give talks on climate change, sustainability, and green initiatives.

5.  Awareness Campaigns: Use social media and local media outlets to create awareness.

6.  Student Projects: Encourage students to undertake climate-related projects, such as creating eco-friendly art installations or organizing awareness marches.

7.  Partnerships: Collaborate with local environmental organizations for support and resources.

Similarly, we plead with the Federal Government to adopt appropriate policies targeted at ensuring a cleaner and safer environment through but not limited the following ;

i.    Keeping fossil fuels in the ground. 

ii.    Investing in renewable energy. 

iii.   Enforcing clean energy standards

iv.    Adopting  international agreements

v.     Switching to a sustainable transport system.

vi.    Restoring nature to absorb more carbon. ...

vii.    Protecting forests


As our tradition, we remember our departed colleagues who had passed on as we pray that their souls will continue to rest in perfect peace and give their families the fortitude to bear their loss and comfort them.


In conclusion, I want to appreciate once more BOT, NEC, CWC, leaders at various levels, elders, and all distinguished NAPPS members throughout the states of the federation to ensure the development of education for the benefit of the Nigerian child. I also appreciate members of different committees for NAPPS programs/ projects for their steadfast commitment to ensuring that we provide valuable services to members. May Almighty God continue to bless the work of our hands. I appeal that we remain calm and hopeful that our ailing economy shall improve and also keep faith that Nigeria shall be great again.

Long Live the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS Nigeria)!

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

UP NAPPS! Nurturing For National Development!

May God bless you all.



Chief Yomi Otubela Fcma.                                                                                             

National President, NAPPS Nigeria.

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