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Dear School Owner,

Many inquiries were lost to the inability of the prospecting parents to afford your fees while many were lost to the inability of your school to sell her value propositions the way the parents expected.

We see this every day at SchoolsCompass! While your school has little or nothing to do in cases where parents could not afford your fees, you have a lot to do in terms of capacity building to please and convert these parents. Remember, price is a perception of value.

At SchoolsCompass, your school's enrollment need is our priority, in a bid to help you with your marketing strategy and school growth, we reached out to one of America’s best school growth strategists, the president of Schola Inbound Marketing, Mr Ralph Cochran. Ralph consults for schools in the states and charges thousands of US dollars. Very few schools can afford it in Nigeria. 

At the end of our interaction with Ralph, he generously agreed to give us 30 minutes of his time in a webinar to Christian schools on SchoolsCompass. Not just that, he also agreed to give out his book, ‘story marketing for schools’ FREE of charge to all attendees- They only need to bear the cost of shipping.

This webinar is a must-attend to school administrators, admission officers, and front desk staff of your school. 

It is simply non-negotiable, 

It is just 30 minutes, 

and it is free.


Date 18. September 2020

Time: 2:50pm (Nigeria time)

Duration: 40 mins (10 minutes introduction is factored in)

To participate in this free seminar, kindly register your interest here.  https://forms.gle/Drw98gFctBey2QrW7

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